Shining Our Light on Universalism

Universalist Convocation
Universalist Convocations gather Unitarian Universalists together to learn about, celebrate, and draw from the heritage of Universalist faith and experience. We explore how this heritage informs Unitarian Universalism today and helps to light its way toward the future. We are proud to host the 2015 Universalist Convocation.

Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church is located in Northeast Florida, a convenient distance from a number of Jacksonville and St Augustine tourist destinations. We are delighted to share our family-friendly environment with our guests. Our informative and entertaining program, which features outstanding thinkers and speakers, will increase our understanding and feed our souls.

Video Introduction

Welcome to the 2015 Universalist Convocation!

Join us!

every Sunday at 10:30 am

8447 Manresa Ave
Jacksonville FL 32244

This Week at BBUUC


May 31: Rev Mark Harris: "A Faith For A Few?"
•June 7: Dr Mark Yount: "Free Will and How to Use It"
•June 14: Rev Jack Ford: "I Pledge Allegiance"
•June 21: Linda Crawford: "Do Evil People Exist?"
•June 28: Dr Sarah Mattice: "Daoism and You (Our Sources Series)"