First Coast Freethought Society

Monday, April 16, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Exploring Germany: If you want humidity, you need to bring your own!

WHO:  Joque Soskis, retired UNF faculty member, retired Florida Bar member, part-tme resident of Germany for 10 years


In this talk, Joque plans to touch upon the politics of Germany, governmental structure, healthcare, education, law enforcement, and corrections. Significant photographic documentation will accompany the discussion.


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Joque Soskis back to the podium. Joque is a retired University of North Florida faculty member having taught criminal justice, criminal law, and law enforcement administration in the UNF Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. He is a past member and official of the Faculty Union of the State University System, and he is a retired member of the Florida Bar.

Many of you know Joque as a long-time member of the First Coast Freethought Society, a contributor to the newsletter, a participant in many FCFS activities, and an outstanding speaker. But did you know he is intimately familiar with Germany, having been a part-time resident of Bavaria for the last 10 years? Join us to hear his talk titled, “Exploring Germany: If you want humidity, you need to bring your own!”

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Location: BBUUC