Posts written by the Director of Religious Education

  • November is already upon us!

    November is already upon us!  This year is moving fast and we have had many successful activities, including Conner’s A-Maze-ing Acres and Trunk or Treat. This month, we have more planned! On the first Sunday of this month, November 5th, we are having a free Fall Picnic ... read more. Read more →

  • metaphor for hope

    Last week the wonderful Meg Kaminski asked me if I would do the story for all ages for the service. She sent me a lovely piece about seeds as a metaphor for hope, and the message of it is lingering in my head.

    If you missed ... read more. Read more →

  • Hope

    This month’s DRE report, is being written at 5:30 in the morning at our church. I’m here now because I’m acting as the awake adviser at the Con that Beacon is holding. I’m choosing to write now, because to me, our church never becomes more ... read more. Read more →

  • We believe that faith is a journey we take together

    The opening of the Religious Education Page on the UUA page reads as follows: We believe that faith is a journey we take together.  Religious education takes a lifetime. It happens both within and beyond a congregation’s walls. We support one another as individuals, families, and communities in an ... read more. Read more →

  • the concept “home”

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept “home” lately. We use the word “home” to describe so many things- the place we rest at night, where our families are, our city, our church home. It’s a broad spanning term that conveys a sense of ... read more. Read more →