Annual 30 Days of LOVE Food Drive

January 19th – February 16th

Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church

Annual 30 Days of LOVE Food Drive

Hunger is not isolated to one event, one day or one season. Hunger does not discriminate by race, faith or age; it exists throughout our community, affecting people of all types: employed and unemployed, men, women and children, families and singles. Each year networks of food banks distribute over three billion pounds of food and grocery products to hungry and needy Americans in communities across the country.

Someone YOU know may be hungry…

Your Co-Worker, Your Friend, Your Elderly Neighbor, Your Child’s Classmate, Your Waitress, Your Nurse…

Food Poverty in North Florida: 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 4 children are hungry. 342,600 people in the 17 north Florida counties are food insecure. More than 117,000 children don’t know when they will eat again. More than 100,000 people live in poverty in Duval County.


Our local food banks need non-perishable grocery items. The following is a list of the Most Wanted items: Nonfat dry milk, Meals in a can, Peanut butter, Jellies, Canned meat/poultry, Evaporated milk, Canned tuna, Canned fruit, Dry beans, Canned soup, Boxes of pasta/macaroni, Oatmeal, Macaroni and Cheese, Canned veggies, Rice, Baby food.

You can begin collecting now for our 30 Days of LOVE Food Drive. Food will be collected January 19-February 16, with a special collection during the Family Worship Service on January 19th.

Let us be known for our Deeds, not our Creeds.

Questions? Contact Chris Jarman at