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A Message from our DLRE on Resilience 

A Message from our DLRE on Resilience 

“God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Have you heard or seen this adage? How do you feel about it? What about this one: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Personally, I find neither of these … read more.

Spirit of Life RE


Spirit of Life

In times of stress and discord, the world can feel big and overwhelming. In this moment of social distancing reach out via Zoom to join Religious Education Professionals Dani (of Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno), and Chris (of … read more.

ICARE 2020

The ICARE Nehemiah Assembly is coming soon!

When: Monday, March 30, 6:30 – 8:30 PM. A bus will leave the BBUUC parking lot at 5:30 PM and return about 9 PM. Or you can drive directly.

Where: Abyssinia Baptist Church, 10325 Interstate Center Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218. … read more.

Mystery Pals

Mystery Pals is a multi-Sunday event in which children and youth are anonymously (it’s a Mystery!) paired up with an older person (a youth or adult) as pen pals.  Pairings are based on shared interests, and participants learn who their Mystery Pals are only on … read more.


In some Christian traditions, in preparation for the celebration of Easter, the faithful make a personal sacrifice as a way of bringing them closer to G*d and reminding them of the sacrifices that Jesus and his followers made. #UULent is a way for Unitarian Universalists … read more.

What about a Minister?

What about a Minister? (continued)

The Board is beginning the process of thoughtfully completing our UUA Ministerial Search Application form.  Initial Search Committee members are Kris Kines (President), Eileen Morrison (Secretary), Pam Richards (Treasurer) and Dale Crawford (Trustee).  The application is designed to give a thorough … read more.

Caring Committee Cards

Caring Committee, Caring Congregation!!

Cards & Emails

A little story.

Two months after I joined the UU in Vero Beach, I had a pretty bad accident, nearly killing my husband and my aunt.  I was unscathed physically but of course, quite a mess emotionally.

I … read more.