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Minister’s Message December 2021

This month, like every month, I sat down in front of my computer and wondered how I can use the valuable space I have in this newsletter to share a message with you that will hopefully offer you some spiritual grounding for the weeks … read more.


For our health  — vaccinations!  And not just COVID

(This is for your consideration.  Your physician is the ultimate guide regarding your personal health.)

The spotlight is on COVID vaccinations right now, but adults and kids can be vulnerable to other diseases — especially those considered childhood … read more.

Gift Card Sunday

December 5 is Gift Card Sunday!  RWM will be collecting gift cards outside before church.  RWM will deliver those gift cards to Northeast Florida Aids Network and to Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network. NFAN serves people with AIDS, many of whom live in poverty. … read more.

Chalica, December 6th-12th

Chalica is a weeklong holiday, during which we honor and celebrate our seven Unitarian Universalist Principles. It is a time dedicated to reflecting and putting into practice, through our words and deeds, one Principle per day for seven days.  

For me, Chalica is … read more.

Soulful Home for Parents & Families: What Does it Mean to be a Family Holding History?

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What Does it Mean to be a Family Holding History?

My family of origin, like so many others, includes people with heritage from several parts of the world: Northern European, West African, Southeastern Native American, and Southeast Asian. This diversity of descent, … read more.

Faith Development for All: Soul Matters: Welcome to the Practice of Holding History

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Soul Matters: Welcome to the Practice of
Holding History

Let’s start with the words of Parker Palmer,

“Jewish teaching includes frequent reminders of the importance of a broken-open heart, as in this Hasidic tale: A disciple asks the rebbe: “Why does Torah … read more.

Minister’s Message November 2021

A few years ago on my birthday, I decided to drive to Vancouver for the day. I was staying in Blaine for work, and Vancuver is a one hour drive from Blaine. I was so excited to take this trip. I thought it would be … read more.