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What’s New in Religious Education Programming?

This year Lifespan Religious Education will be doing something new.  Each month children, youth, adults, and small groups will share a common monthly theme. Theme-based programming helps create multigenerational connections as people of all ages explore common themes in age-appropriate ways, extending faith development … read more.

President’s Perspective: July 2019

Down to Business

BBUUC has had a very interesting few weeks since my term began.    After hosting the Storybook prom, our congregation received national attention in a Washington Post article, followed by many lovely kudos from all over the world.  Some folks have even sent us … read more.

President’s Perspective: October 2018

The progress being made towards the goals developed from the 2018 congregation survey is very exciting. Numerous strides forward have been made in a number of areas.

Due to the work of the previous BBUUC Board, our Director of Religious Education is now a ¾ position. … read more.

President’s Perspective: September 2018

The Board met on August 4 for a planning session. One of our tasks was to develop the Board Covenant, Mission, Vision, and Policies and Procedures for the year. We would like to share these with you, but want you to know that the “Policies … read more.

President’s Perspective: August 2018

When I worked in elementary schools, RESPECT was the most important word  we used with students: Respect Self, Respect Others, and Respect Property. That pretty much covered it all for the children. In my mind, Respect Self, Others and Property easily translates into Buckman Bridge … read more.

President’s Perspective: July 2018

I am so excited and grateful that you elected me to be President of the Board for 2018-2019. To get ready for this job I have been reading and reviewing BBUUC documents and history such as by-laws, financial and church audits, the Articles of Incorporation, policies … read more.

ICARE Justice Ministry Network Member Meetings

ICARE Justice Ministry Network Member Meetings

What are they all for?

If you’re a Justice Ministry Network member, you’re may be wondering—What are all those meetings for?

The meetings between now and April 1 are needed in order to prepare you to invite three … read more.

2018 annual pledge drive

Welcome to our 2018 annual pledge drive!

Once a year we ask you to nourish our BBUUC fellowship by submitting a pledge. Your generosity will allow us to continue providing a local oasis for those who need us.

We want our home for love, truth, and … read more.