Donating to BBUUC

As BBUUC is a 501(C)3 non-profit, your donation is tax deductible. We have several different ways you can donate:

  • Donate via cash or check in the collection plate or collection box
  • Send a check via mail to the church’s PO box
  • Configure an automated bill payment on your bank’s web site
  • Email money directly to “”
  • Go to our Square store.
  • Swipe a credit or debit card by requesting assistance from a member of the Finance Committee
  • Add BBUUC to your will

Specific information on each of these choices can be found on this page. We thank you for your donation!

To donate for FY2018-2019, please fill out the pledge card.

Pledge By Email

Email Adress:


Pledge Amount:

Check or Automated Bank Payments

You can send payments by check to the church’s mailing address:

Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church
Office of the Treasurer
P.O. Box 844
Orange Park, FL 32067

If your bank provides an automatic bill pay service, you can schedule regular payments to this address.

You can also schedule automated debit payments from your bank account through the church’s Vanco account:


Donate Online with a Credit Card or PayPal Account

(NOTE: PayPal charges BBUUC a service charge of 2.75% for all transactions.)


Legacy Gifts

A “charitable bequest” is a gift you plan now and give later, through your will. We have a page of information about bequests.