It’s time for the weekly blast out from RE.  This is a fun way for you to engage your kids in faith development for the benefit of both them and you!  I encourage you to ask your kids open ended questions about what they are doing in RE and to wonder with them about the mystery and the awe of the universe.

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  • This Week in RE 3.31

    “Children are spiritual by nature.  They haven’t yet lost their sense of awe, mystery, and reverence for the ordinary things in life.  Children need safety and consistency to express that spirituality: they also need a solid foundation in a rapidly changing world that ... read more. Read more →

  • “One of the tragic ironies of history is that such original and creative geniuses as Buddha and Jesus have been extolled as perfect patterns for all to emulate. In the very struggle to be like someone else rather than to be one’s own ... read more. Read more →

  • This Week 3.10.19

    “There are two gifts we should give our children: One is roots and the other is Wings”

    ~Hodding Carter

    Upcoming Events:

    March 6th- #UULent Begins
    (post ... read more. Read more →

  • This week in RE 3.3.19

    “When it comes to our children, we do not have the luxury of despair. If we rise, they will rise with us every time, no matter how many times we’ve fallen before. I hope you will remember that the next time you fail. ... read more. Read more →

  • This week in RE 2.24

    Upcoming Events::

    February 23rd– Whole Church Service Project- 9am-1pm- Take food donations to OP Clothes Closet, have a tour, volunteer for an hour, then head to Tillie Fowler Park for a BYOL (lunch), playground and hiking time February 24th – Children’s Chapel: Theme- worry, fear March- sign-up to ... read more. Read more →