We offer care for babies and toddlers on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am-11:45 am. You are welcome to take your infant into the service with you or, if the child becomes fussy, to sit in the Wiggle Room/Library, where the service is broadcast.

There are two paid, fully vetted and trained caregivers present during Nursery hours. Please sign your children in on the attendance form when you drop them off and sign them out when you pick them up. If you are visiting the Nursery for the first time, we ask that you fill out the registration form that gives our staff a little information on how to make Nursery time an enjoyable experience for your child.

Parents should leave the necessary supplies and instructions to change and/or feed your little one.  Please let the child care providers know if your child has any special dietary needs or concerns.  Parents are asked to bring a change of diapers and any special items the child may need.  We also ask that you leave our caregivers with any specific instructions regarding the circumstances under which you would like to be called from the service. If you choose, you may leave your cell phone number so we can page you (cell phones on vibrate only, please) or someone can come find you as needed.

Child Care

BBUUC provides quality child care upon request during meetings, classes, and special events for children under age twelve. To request child care, please contact the office administrators. Please request child care at least a week prior to the event.