The Purpose of the Traveling Chalice Program is to deepen our understanding of one of our most familiar Unitarian Universalist symbols. The light of the Chalice connects us all together and is a sacred element of our beloved community. The Chalice may also be used as a symbol of hope when one is feeling or experiencing a sense of darkness.

How the Program Works

Each week a family/household (not just those with children) have the opportunity to “check-out” the Traveling Chalice. The sign-out sheet and Chalice Box are located on the RE table in the back of the sanctuary. This is self-service, simply sign-out the chalice and take the box home with you for the week.

You may want to use the Chalice during your meals, family meetings, or as a bedtime ritual. Choose a reading from the materials provided or make your own. Write, draw, paint, include photos, make a collage in the journal. How did the chalice enrich your experience? In what ways was the chalice used? If you created your own reading, you may share it in the journal.

Bring the box and all of its contents back to church the following week so that the next family/household may use it.

The box includes:
A clay pot chalice
Special cloth
Battery-operated candle
Wax votive candle
UUA family prayers booklet
Instruction card

Adapted from materials provided by Cory M. Ness, Director of Religious Education from the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah.