The Role of a Pastoral Care Team Member

  • The role of a PCT Member is to be a listening and supportive presence to individuals of all faith traditions as well as those with no faith tradition.
  • A PCT Member strives to assist individuals of all faith traditions to clarify and apply their own belief system/faith tradition to everyday life.
  • A PCT Member may also act as a referral source and advocate. 

Beginning in September 2018, Pastoral Care services became available for Members of BBUUC.

The team is available for individual consultation and group activities.

Brief contacts are provided on Sundays after the service. Longer contact needs can be requested by emailing, calling or submitting a request form to the Office or PCT Member, or leaving a message at 904.638.5472.

Learn more about our PCT:

Look for the PCT members at BBUUC: they will be the folks with the pink name tags and their hearts right there to see.

In faith and gratitude,
Rev. Pat Ray and Karen Christiansen
Chaplains and PCT Coordinators