Speaker: Jennifer Odenwald Bacmeister

BBUUC’s Annual Festivus Celebration

“BBUUC’s Annual Festivus Celebration”

With Jennifer Bacmeister as 

Worship Leader/Presenter

Join BBUUC in our Sixth Annual Festivus Celebration – with a virtual twist! Though we normally celebrate Festivus as a multi-generational participatory service full of fun and happiness, Jennifer will lead us in an alternative … read more.

Video Service: Creativity from Chaos

Kris Kines will lead our service with a message by Jennifer Bacmeister entitled “Creativity from Chaos.”

Jennifer will look at how sometimes the worst circumstances can bring the greatest insights, and evidence of the interconnectedness of all, our 7th principle.

About our Speaker: Jennifer Odenwald Bacmeister … read more.

The Spaces Around Us

Jennifer Odenwald Bacmeister
“The Spaces Around Us”

Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: George Mann

An exploration of the spaces around us, both literal and figurative. Come and examine how we build spaces to include and exclude, how we use space to both … read more.

BBUUC’s Fifth Annual Festivus Celebration

“BBUUC’s Fifth Annual Festivus Celebration”

Worship Leader/presenter: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart

About our Service:

Join BBUUC in our Fifth Annual Festivus Celebration! We will enjoy a participatory Recitation of Festivus Miracles, air our grievances, and perform the traditional Feats of Strength! BBUUC is proud to … read more.

Love is the Thing

Jennifer Stokes

“Love is the Thing”

Worship Leader: Meghan Kaminski
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Special Music: Michael Bernos

About our Service:
Join Jennifer as she presents a happy dissertation about LOVE. She’ll explore some philosophy, history,  and even some interesting trivia on the topic that’s on everyone’s … read more.

Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration

“BBUUC’s Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration”  
Worship Leader and Presenter: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart

About Our Service:
Come join BBUUC in our Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration!  We will enjoy a participatory Recitation of Festivus Miracles, air our grievances, and perform the traditional … read more.

The Seven Principles and Patriotism

Jennifer Stokes presents

“The Seven Principles and Patriotism”

About our Service:
Can you be a “good” Unitarian Universalist and still love, honor, and defend your country? Jennifer will take a look at where the UU faith intersects with traditional patriotic values, and where we are … read more.

Resist and Rejoice

BBUUC’s delegates to the 2017 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association will share the experience of this “Justice GA” in New Orleans.

Worship Leaders: Jennifer Stokes & Meg Kaminski

Accompanist: Marilyn Smart