Speaker: Jennifer Stokes

Love is the Thing

Jennifer Stokes

“Love is the Thing”

Worship Leader: Meghan Kaminski
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Special Music: Michael Bernos

About our Service:
Join Jennifer as she presents a happy dissertation about LOVE. She’ll explore some philosophy, history,  and even some interesting trivia on the topic that’s on everyone’s … read more.

Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration

“BBUUC’s Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration”  
Worship Leader and Presenter: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart

About Our Service:
Come join BBUUC in our Fourth Annual Festivus Celebration!  We will enjoy a participatory Recitation of Festivus Miracles, air our grievances, and perform the traditional … read more.

The Seven Principles and Patriotism

Jennifer Stokes presents

“The Seven Principles and Patriotism”

About our Service:
Can you be a “good” Unitarian Universalist and still love, honor, and defend your country? Jennifer will take a look at where the UU faith intersects with traditional patriotic values, and where we are … read more.

Resist and Rejoice

BBUUC’s delegates to the 2017 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association will share the experience of this “Justice GA” in New Orleans.

Worship Leaders: Jennifer Stokes & Meg Kaminski

Accompanist: Marilyn Smart