Speaker: Linda Crawford

Linda and her husband Dale have been members of Buckman Bridge church for seven years. Linda has to admit that she originally joined to make friends. But in the past year or two, she has begun to explore the church’s deeper meaning in her life. This sermon is part of that exploration.

Spiritual Growth Through Substitute Teaching

Linda Crawford

“Spiritual Growth Through Substitute Teaching”

Linda is now in her fifth year of substitute teaching for Clay County schools. It has been scary, exhilarating, and humiliating, sometimes all at the same time. And most of all, it has been a driver of spiritual growth. … read more.

Change Your Story, and Change Your Life

Linda Crawford
“Change Your Story, and Change Your Life”
Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Anne McKennon

As we go through life, we all build up a narrative about who we are, and our relationship to others. Our stories can be constructive, … read more.

“Who Do We Think We Are?”

About our Service:
Humans are storytellers. During the course of our lives, we are constantly refining a narrative about who we are and whom others perceive us to be. The problem is that, for many of us, that narrative is not very accurate. Linda will … read more.

The Book that Transformed the Western World

Linda Crawford and Marilyn Smart

“The Book that Transformed the Western World”

Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Gary Smart

About our Service:
The rediscovery of one amazing book helped to usher in the modern age. That ancient book, “On the Nature of Things”, introduced revolutionary ideas … read more.

Our Search for Meaning: A Personal View

Linda Crawford will present
“Our Search for Meaning: A Personal View”

Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Special Music by David Gall, Lute

About our Service:

What is the meaning of human existence? Linda gives two answers to this eternal question: giving and receiving.

About our Speaker:
Linda started … read more.

Spiritual Growth

Linda Crawford presents

“Spiritual Growth”

About our Service:
Our third principle asks us to encourage each other to grow spiritually. But what is spiritual growth? To Linda, spiritual growth is mostly about becoming as open and vulnerable as we can. That means we become … read more.

Our Seventh UU Principle

About our Service:
Our seventh principle applies our first principle – respect for the worth and dignity of each individual – to all life. It extends our faith’s compassion to the entire web of existence. Linda will discuss why this principle is so fundamental to … read more.

Our 6th UU Principle

Our 6th principle envisions a kind of Eden: A world community of peace, liberty, & justice. Right now, in 2018, that paradise appears farther away than ever. But that doesn’t mean that we Unitarian Universalists should stop working toward that goal.

The world is growing … read more.

Our 4th UU Principle

Our fourth principle calls for “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” So what does the principal actually mean? How free can we be? How responsible should we be? What is the nature of a search: will we find a definitive answer at the end of our life? And what do the words truth and meaning signify? Is there one underlying truth, and one cosmic meaning for all of humanity?
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