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Everything is Holy Now

Tanner Linden will present

“Everything is Holy Now”

With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader


Tanner Linden, a lifelong UU and Young Adult Leader, will discuss how Unitarian Universalism has helped him find holiness in his heartbreak and miracles in his mistakes.


About our Guest Speaker:

Tanner is a life-long … read more.

The Story of Reverend Egbert Ethelred Brown

Rev. Amy Moses-Lagos, BBUUC Minister, will present

The Story of Reverend Egbert Ethelred Brown”

With Claudia Marshall as Worship Associate


Egbert Ethelred Brown was a Jamaican who discovered Unitarianism and became the first ordained Black Unitarian minister. He went on to found the Harlem Community Church in … read more.

Living Poetically

Phillip Baber will present

“Living Poetically”

With Caitlin Regan as Worship Leader

In this sermon, Phillip leans on his experience as an English teacher to examine how strategies for reading and writing poetry might help us live more richly and deeply.

About our Guest Speaker:

Phillip Baber is the … read more.