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Deafening Silence

Dr. Jeff Hess presents

“Deafening Silence”

About our Service:
Join us for a quiet talk about silence.  We’ll explore our often fragile and sometimes contentious relationship with quiet and its inherent, communicative power.

About our Speaker:
Dr. Jeff Hess holds a Master of Arts de­gree … read more.

Opening Through Mindful Exploration of Relationship

Bethany Crawley presents

“Opening Through Mindful Exploration of Relationship”

About our Service:
We are often compelled to protect ourselves, emotionally, physically, and energetically, from one another.  Circumstances, personal history, culturally imposed competition, and environments, at times, require that we strive against one another, leaving … read more.

The Seven Principles and Patriotism

Jennifer Stokes presents

“The Seven Principles and Patriotism”

About our Service:
Can you be a “good” Unitarian Universalist and still love, honor, and defend your country? Jennifer will take a look at where the UU faith intersects with traditional patriotic values, and where we are … read more.