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Love, Pray, Eat

Rev. Carmen Emerson

“Love, Pray, Eat”

Worship Leader: Jim Wood

Accompanist: Eileen Morrison

Guest Musician: Pete Jorgensen, Piano

The famous memoir Eat, Pray, Love is in my ‘someday’ stack of books to read. In the meantime, as we approach American Thanksgiving and a holiday season of gatherings with family … read more.

You Ain’t Up There

Rev. Dr. Fred Howard

“You Ain’t Up There”
Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Jarrett Carter, classical guitar

We’re all familiar with the metaphor of life as a journey. The metaphor works for many reasons. Like a journey life has a beginning … read more.

Seeing Animals

Elizabeth DeCoux

“Seeing Animals”
Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Jakob Vanlandingham, Saxophone

Animals are the only beings capable of suffering whom U.S. law classifies as property. With few limitations, people may do whatever they want with their property. So, until the … read more.